Popups During Batch Process

CE 2019.6.0 Not a programmer

I’m automating a job that batch processes orders. While it’s going through say 100 orders, periodically some popups are generated - credit limit/credit stop. I need to click on Ok/Yes whenever these popup, and stop when the process ends (ie I can right click on the results pane again).

I saw some topics about Parallel/Pick but I wasn’t sure how to really apply them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If adding a couple seconds onto each transaction isn’t a big deal, then the easiest would be to use the element exists activity. If element exists, click pop-up. If not, do nothing and continue.

I’m not entirely certain what you mean by the “stop when the process ends” portion though. Does that mean if you have 100 transactions and on transaction 32 a pop-up occurs, you want it to click ok/yes then stop processing the rest of the transactions? So 33-100 don’t get processed?

The job highlights 100 Orders and tells the system to process all of them. There’s a little progress window as it goes through the orders. When there’s an exception, a new window popups and the system stops processing until the popup is handled. Essentially I need the bot on standby until a popup appears. It shouldn’t move to the next step of the job until all the orders have completed and there will be no more popups.

Normally I’d do an Element Exists/Element Vanish on the progress bar to indicate completion, but they don’t work well with this particular system. I’ve had success with right clicking on the results pane (which can only be interacted with upon completion) and doing an Element Exists off of that menu.

I separated the two different possible popups into a Parallel activity, but there’s an issue exiting the loop when the final element shows up. If I run the workflow with only that popup on the screen, the popup window is closed as expected. Target -> Selector -> Highlight Element is correctly identifying the element & button. I’m not sure exactly what I missed - workflow is attached.

Exceptions.xaml (35.1 KB)