Click ocr on sap application not wroking

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I used click ocr text on sap application but is this not working
Any one have an idea about this issue

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Hello @nora_ziani
Are you doing image based automation on the applciation? Or have you enabled the scripting in both sap and in the client ?

If yes, you can use Normal click activity.


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i have this pop up after the connexion ,i did not undestand why this pop up

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Hi @nora_ziani,

In my experience OCR is not efficient so user runscript method, kindly refer below videos list hot it will help you.



I used computer vision , is it also good approach or no? until now i have not any ssue with this method

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thank u lot

that popup cannot be handled normally by uipath because it blocks execution (similar to how a messagebox stops your process from continuing unless you manually click it)

you can manually disable that popup before you run your automation by doing the following,on%20Security%20folders%20Security%20Settings.&text=To%20modify%20it%2C%20click%20on%20Open%20Security%20Configuration.&text=Here%20change%20the%20Default%20Action,click%20OK%20then%20again%20OK.

if you cant do that due to access right issue etc. you can try using my snippet, it handles popups using parallel thread

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