Plzz help me

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hi iam facing the issues to replace my arguement in the NAME parameters… plzzzz give me some suggestions

Hi @katta_nikhil
How you are adding Argument in here?

@katta_nikhil please make a variable and assign argument to it and put variable here
or plaese checkout

iam already created an arguement… now iam trying to put that argument in the selector… but iam not able to put… iam not getting any {{IN_Accountnumber}}this type of format

@katta_nikhil can you share your code

are you not able to see argument like this

Hello @katta_nikhil

If you are using invoke workflow you will be passing the value from an argument to the variable in the workflow. you can use that value to pass into the selector. Else you can use the argument also.


can u plz share u r mail id

As it clearly says, there is no such variable nor argument in the scope you’re in. You say you’re creating it as an argument, are you sure you didn’t accidentally create it in the variables pane?

can u share u r email id … i will send my workflows to you …

No. You can post screenshots here. Did you check what I said to check?

yes iam able to see … iam passing the argument also …but it says {variable or arugment is not defined in the current scope}

Hi @katta_nikhil ,

youre almost there, just you want to assign value for “in_Ac” argument


in_Ac = 416560


No, that value is passed in with Invoke Workflow

resolve my issue… in my workflow arguements i didnt trim it perfectly … so i use used str_transcations.trim … and my issues is gone …thankyou for everyone…

see my local box … im passing the string with “416560” …before trim it will be like this "416560 "