Please temporarily access the Academy via

Hello everyone,

Academy platform is down if you use

Until it’s solved, please access this link


Thank… i was wondering what might happen …Thanks for informing …
How long will it take to active again?

Our team is working on it. The answer is always as soon as possible :slight_smile:


I still can’t navigate off the account details page with the second link - We are running an RPA Training course today, can we get an ETA as to when it will be back up and running?

I am not able to navigate to Course Catalog still.

@loginerror Alternate URL navigates to user profile page. Further not able to navigate to Home page or catalog page.

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Please be patient and keep trying. We are working to bring it back and it just worked for me. I am able to browse a course by accessing it from the frontpage without going into the course catalogue.

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Could you please explain what you mean when you say ‘Accessed from the front page’?

Hi, experiencing the same issue and searching for it via the find option on the front page doesn’t appear to help.

Any suggestions or is it just a matter of waiting till it’s back up again?

After clicking the link it should forward you to the home page of the Academy that displays courses as tiles. It works for me as of now, so I am sure the Academy team is getting closer to solving the issue :slight_smile:

thank, we are able to open that link but mistakenly the language for me was changed to french as it was not moving me out of the profile page.
Now i am not finding any oprion to select english as an language.can you please help me in resolving this.


Nope, negative… Still not working for me

I selected and confirmed Spanish as my preferred language out of curiosity.

I can navigate through the academy again now, but can only access the spanish courses, so that doesn’t help me.
Unfortunately the option to set preferred language to english is missing!


Same here. Was forced to select a training language in profile. No English Option, selected French, now can’t change back.


Hello ,

I updated language in academy portal and now when i am navigate to another portal then also i am not able to change language.

This thread is being closely monitored by our Academy team, so please continue to give continuous feedback about any issue that arises.

I am not aware of UI Path site down. Unknowingly I have changed my Preferred language to Spanish. So all the learnings are changed to Spanish language Even i tried in URL. Trainings are in Spanish only. Once the Academy site is UP, we can change to English language?

Even I have changed Language to French and Now I am unable to access English Courses in both Links.

Please resolve it soon.

I also changed the course language to French - out of curiosity when the page was down. Now i can’t change the language back to English or access my earlier activities. If i press the course i’ve already started i cant continue where i left of, and need to start all over again.