Please tell me where i went wrong. I know I am making some silly mistake. My project is attached below?

hey people
Below is the project that I have created. I am getting some errors. My task is:-1:

  1. To open browser and go to some site[]
  2. To create to .xls file[spreadsheet]which has the certain names of the car [I typed it manually]
  3. to retrieve such names of the car one by one and search them in this website.
  4. once the profile of particular car is opened, get text[its corresponding cost]
  5. Disply cost in the second column of the spreadsheet such that all names have corresponding costs,

So below is the incomplete file [70% completed] which has all the details. (902.0 KB)

My project is executable self explanatory but only problem is that it displays the same cost for all the cars.
Please have a look and let me know what is the solution to this.

thanks in advanced.

Hi @Error

Most of the thing u have done is correct.

Can you just give this a try ,

Check the For Each part that I have changed.

Hope that helps

Main.xaml (18.8 KB)

Thank you so much buddy.
But i am sorry to say, i kinda got me a little confused by your example, also you didnt provide me with the doc file that you used in the project, so it was difficult to run the project, i tried making some changes but to no avail.

Please, if possible make changes in my project, and send back only (mail.xaml file) to me, it will be convenient.

Thanks in advance…

as @prassin6 said try to check the for loop that he has put into it/