Please Link Existing Post if that is Simliar what you are posting. :)

Hey Folks…!!

Hope all you are doing Great.

From Many months I can see that people count has been increased on the Community Forum and that is a really a great sign and Much happy to see such a great number of audience.
and a heartiest Thanks to all who is contributing and sharing their knowledge and it is really helpful for all of us.

But one thing or we can see a general concern i have observed from past that people are instead of linking the existing Problem thread they are creating a new thread or solution links for the single or same problem.
I do not know either they are aware with that or just any other intention :slight_smile::slight_smile: Might be

But it is really a great habit to maintain things at a single place so more better things will come out from that single place and will get updated things always there instead of search multiple post and spend much time to search the correct solution as per version or environment.

So please I urge to all to keep things in mind before posting and use the Forum great feature of Search.
Keep in mind posts count will increase day by day…!!

and please do not past same thing if the things has been mentioned by someone other already on that post.

#Keep Rocking… Keep Learning…Keep Sharing…



@aksh1yadav, #Just_My_Opinions

  1. You can add up the that we do have a existing solution suggesting feature when we create a new topic.

  2. Also we live an automation life and make use of our knowledge to create a bot to monitor what you told earlier. This will reduce the human intervention.

Lets say we create a category SOLUTIONS and bot shall create a table to update the users requirements and the corresponding solutions link.

Dominic :slight_smile:

I dont know… not have created much posts :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: it is general understanding…

We live but that does not means to create everything which still needs things to monitor.

and this platform is not in my hand and second thing mate it is not for me its for all and will be good for all i guess #End User Perspective matters.
With your bot solution many things i can say extra things will come and this is a third party solution discourse. so u can understand the things what i m saying.

and anyone is free to still do what they are doing :slight_smile:


Bro @aksh1yadav,

Knew it :slight_smile: If it was yours then this post wont exist :wink: Just kidding :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Even I sail with you in thoughts. Those were my suggestions and its not that is a better option.

Dominic :slight_smile:

How would that work? 1. Solutions category. 2. A post/table with links to them?

For example
as per @dominic suggestion can create one page to easily identity the User Requirements.

Category,SubCategory,Question,Answer Link
Datatable,sorting,sorting related question, possible answers related to that link.

provide the sorting option to easily find the requirments.


FAMILIARITY - Tool to succeed with Solutions category.

Its as normal like other categories like Rookies, RPA Dev and so on.. Lets create an another one with tag Solutions.

Say User A posts a requirement that has a link http:// …/t/12345/1.
Assume that it has been solved by User B in the same thread with link http:// …/t/12345/9 and it has marked as a solution.
(You guys might have a better way to do it) Required an extraction to find the solution link number along with Title of the topic. Finally we shall append/edit the post in solution category and it shall continue forever.

Important Note : Was just thinking about this few days ago, knew it tougher to implement. Just wanted to share my ideas here.

Dominic :slight_smile:

Now, we already have the solved posts…by adding ?solved=yes parameter -

Yep ! Got it !

Dominic :slight_smile:

ok, now you think that is enough or we shoul add a solved category. i would personally go to promote only some solved articles into faq category.

Yes its enough. But bringing it to others’ focus/making familiar in some means will be better.

This can also be done to reduce the questions being asked again and again.

Dominic :slight_smile: