Issue with Marked solutions


The solutions are now shown as below in below screenshot (“Mark this post as a solution to the topic”).

Please check this if this is an issue. Pardon me, if i have misinterpreted some new feature.


Hi @Sugumar8785

Indeed, it’s a small test to see if more people will use this feature.

We simply changed the text of this field from “Solution” to the text above. Side effect is that it displays as such even when it is already marked as solution :sweat_smile:

Still, we’ll leave it like that for now (to see if this small disadvantage will still results in more topics being marked as solved).


Maybe we could use this post to track how many people want to get back to how it was before, based on the votes. Probably need to change the post title for people to understand it.

What do you think?

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If it really bothers many people, we will find a way to adapt the label dynamically.

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While this display is bothering me, spending time on already solved issues is far more annoying.

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Please see now :slight_smile: