Please Help!.. to extract data from Scanned Pdf and import to 1 excel spreadsheet

Help me create a flow system that will Extract data from multiple scanned pdfs to 1 excel spreadsheet.
I have tried everything.
This problem is unique because of the structure of the documents.I even tried to group them according to their formats or structure,tried to change selectors.Used Uipath ML models but nothing is working.

The following is what we need to extract and import the data on an 1 excel spreadsheet.The system must then be able to extract even 100 pdf or more of this type of documents
1.Company Name
2. Registration number
3. Supplier classification (EME, QSE or Generic)
4. BEE Level (Level 1-8)
5. Black ownership percentage
6. Female ownership percentage
7. Designated group supplier
8. Expiry date

please help.See attached of what i tried to do
Scanned (7.3 MB)


Did you gave any thoughts on using Document Understanding?

Yes sir… I tried document understanding, the problem was, I want the system to extract the rest of the pdfs on its own… When I attempted document understanding, it wanted me to extract my self… Unless I missed something…if there’s a video or tutorial, please share

Here is the link to @Lahiru.Fernando youtube channel. He is the best in document understanding. Please follow his tutorial.
Advanced UiPath Document Understanding - Part 1 | RPA | HyperAutomation - YouTube

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thank you madame

but what if i have 100 pdfs to extract the data?

Just need to create a loop in the solution.

ok thank you.i will look at the video.Thank you so much

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