Extract data from several PDF

Hi everyone,

I just discovered the tool “Extract data from a pdf to excel”. The problem is, as I saw in the tutorial, that you can only upload PDF one by one.

Does UiPath has a tool that allows uploading more than 1 pdf at once to extract data from them ?

Thank you for your help.

Hi @Thibault_Roussel ,

Could you provide us with the source link for the said activity or Package, we would like to check if we could modify or adapt to the same solution.

Multiple PDFs would mean we would need to loop/iterate through each of the PDF and pass it to the Activity for Extraction, Have you tried it this way or Is it not what was required ?

I was talking about this tool : https://cloud.uipath.com/porschefrance/marketplace_/listings/extract-data-from-a-document

I did not tried the tool, just looking at the tutorial you can tell it is meant to upload PDF one by one.

@Thibault_Roussel ,

I believe this uses Document Understanding to Extract the data and it is specific to the Document types mentioned.

So the next question is do you have different document types or does the Component provide you with all data formats that you would want to extract ? At the same time, Document Understanding services to be available in Community you would require a Pro Trial Version to be available to your cloud account.

So a Feasibility check needs to be done on document types and formats, so that we can assess whether the Document Understanding is really required or could it done using String/Regex manipulations.

Also keeping in mind, it is an Attended automation method that we could use from Assistant, Do you want it for an Attended case or an Unattended case ?

Yes, Currently, it is able to upload a Single Input file but we should be able to tweak or create a workflow where multiple documents could also be processed.