Please guide me how to use api to extract data?

How to generate api key and how to extract data from an restfull api using UiPath studio.

Hi @BReddy_m

  • API key is a unique identifier that is used to authenticate requests to an API.

  • To generate an API key, you need to use the CreateKey method of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Console.

Check out this : Creating and managing API keys  |  API Keys API Documentation  |  Google Cloud

  • You need to use an HTTP Request activity that allows you to manipulate REST APIs using the HTTP Request Wizard.

  • You also need to use a Deserialize JSON activity that converts a JSON string into a JSON object.

  • You can then use other activities such as Write Range or Write CSV to write the data to Excel/CSV files.

Check out this video link


Hi @BReddy_m Please check the below link for better understanding

Let me say I have a private restfull API, for this API where can I get the API key to get the data?

Thanks @Gokul001 and @ushu for wonderful tutorials!

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Hi @BReddy_m,

You have to read the documentation for that API they will tell you which type of authentication methods they support, as API key mechanism is one type of authentication mechanism.

Let me know if you have further queries.