Hit any public api and get response

Hi Team,

Just want to hit any public api and get response from it after that want to filter response accordingly so that only array json response will be the outcome and then convert response array to database and store in excel with all key as a column name.
Please help me for solving this problem…
Thanks in Adv!!!

If this for your practice or you jave a usecase that you are trying to present?

The API can be accessed with the correct endpoint, if you have that, simply use the HTML activity and get the response in json

then y csn use deserialize json to co
M get the response converted in an array or datatable.

Once you jave a datatable, you can simply use Write Range to paste that in an excel file.

Below video might help you


You need UiPath.WebAPI.Activities

There’s an HTTP request activity in there.

Here is a simple practice workflow including a request to Open Weather API

OpenWeatherAPI.zip (3.6 KB)

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