Platform readiness could not connect to UiPath database

Our on-prem orchestrator runs fine but when running the latest version of the platform readiness tool it returns this error:
Could not determine if any buckets with file system provider are in use. Could not connect to the UiPath Database.

How is it possible that the tool cannot connect to the UiPath database when it’s looking at a running and working instance of Orchestrator? Does this tool actually work?

Does this tool have to be run as the UiPath app pool user account? If so, I do not see that in the documentation.

Or does the tool expect the user running it to have access to the UiPath database?

You need to verify the SQL User and make sure that he has the right privileges so he can create new tables in the upgrade process. The SQL User needs to have DBO rights in the Orchestrator Database.

The documentation can be found here ⚙ Platform Configuration Tool and for example ⚙ Platform Configuration Tool

For your FileSystem Buckets warning, check this documentation ⚙ Platform Configuration Tool

Also, you can perform the installation using cmd.exe open as Administrator, and run the command for starting the installation :

UiPathOrchestrator.msi TELEMETRY_ENABLED=0 /l*vx log.txt