Place tab-delimited data in TXT file format into a DataTable

I have a tab delimited text file that I need to consume into UIPath and place it’s contents into a datatable. How do I go about doing that?

So far, I have tried reading in the text using the .NET File.ReadAllFiles function but I can’t seem to get past the first For Each I place in there because each line within the String Array has tabs as delimiters as well.

I can’t use the Generate Data Table from Text activity because it places everything into the first column of the datatable.

Looking for ideas here. What is the best plan of attack?

can you send me sample data? , that will be great for go through that

No problem. See the attached file.
TestFile.txt (30 Bytes)

i think its working fine

Hi @eric.brenner

Look at the screenshot

Format - CSV
Column - Space


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PErhaps that was a bad example. Try this one (actual file).
293 Diameter Black 3256_30_22_16_5.txt (407 Bytes)

there are two “Name” in your text may be thats why its unable to do for USER NAME give like “USER_NAME” and you keeping space for every word , you should keep some unique things in column name like underscore or differentiate the column by tap , but there all or space

Duplicate : Bug Report: Generate Data Table From Text using tab-delimited TXT files - #7 by Gokul001

I agree with the underscore but the data I am receiving is not from me.

The data is not space delimited, it is tab-delimited. When I go into Notepad++, I see the tabs when I look at the data by the tab symbol. See the screen capture below.

then you can go with seperate tap but in sample text panel its not supporting tap , its supporting only space , may be just do setup for seperate by tap , and run it , then see its working or not . dont see only preview panel