PgDn has stopped working

Hi Guys

Some time ago I developed a workflow to be used to login into SAP systems and change password, if needed, and use credentials from Windows Credential Manager. Workflow attached.

So far so good. The workflow has been working for some time.

In short, the workflow opens a SAP Gui and logs into to an SAP system based on a given IP adress.

The SAP Gui used is created as a long list of entries.PgDn Issue.pdf (405.8 KB)

If the requested SAP system cannot be found on the first page, the workflows scrolls down (in a Try/Catsh) function, until the system is found and then logs on.

However, now the PageDown function in the workflow is not working and I cannot get it to work:

When I run the workflow on my UiPath Community Edition 2019.8.0 it looks like it tries to PageDown, however it does not, and eventually it selects an entry that is not in scope.

When I run the workflow in UiPath Community Edition 2019.4.3 (on another PC) it works fine.

I have an idea that this is caused by en Update but how to find out what/where. I have tried to compare the activities used, but without any luck.

In attached PDF I am showing some screen shots of the workflow.

Thank you


I have checked these points:

• Please check with other version of the UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities if that is recently updated.
• Change the WaitForReady property to Complete to give an ample time for the page to load.
• Check with the SendWindowsMessages options checked in the Send Hot key activity.
• Please try with the Type Into activity for the pgdn key.

Not sure why page down is not working but u can use the two below options:
First: If you can use filter option available directly, please do it.
Second approach : Use full text scrapping method which should scrape the hidden values under scroll and then lookup for your sap system and then use available filter based on name.

Thank you, SaurabhDisawal - it works that way :slight_smile: