Personal Listing not published

Hello Forum,

I submitted a listing I created as a pre-build automation for assistant.
Until yesterday it was showing as “In Review”, while today disappeared from the list.

Does it mean that it has been rejected?
If so it doesn’t show the reason for rejection, so it would be possible to change it and submit it again?



feel free to get in contact with the marketplace team:

Hi @stefano_negro,

We have received 2 submissions from you that are currently in the review phase. If this step reveals that there are updates required from you, we will inform you.
Can you explain what it means “disappeared from the list”? Does it mean you are not able to see them in your listings section?

Thank you,
Andreea & UiPath Marketplace Team

Hi Andreea,

yes right now I just see one listing

Could it be because I submitted one through organization and one before creating the organization?


Hi @stefano_negro ,

That might be the case. But in order to make sure that’s the issue, could you pls access from the menu Publisher Account - Uploads and let us know if you can see both there?



Hi @AlinCopoiu ,

from Publisher - Uploads I can only see one listing


with the help of @Andreea_Stroe and UiPath Marketplace team I found out that if you login with the same credentials but using a different organization it will show different listings.
So after changing organization I was able to find the other listing, delete it and recreate it into the preferred organization.

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