Persistence activities in DU framework

Is necessary to install persistence activities package in document understand framework?

When my process is suspended to wait action center action the job stay suspended but if the action stay more than 24 hrs there the transaction item get abandoned and this should not happen in long running workflows according UiPath documentation.

Wondering if I miss some configuration related with persistence.


Yes it is necessary to install it…

Basically you have a orchestrator process template which is already existing we can use that to run these jobs…

And coming to the issue …did you follow these steps …can you revalidate


@Anil_G I dont know If I was clear, but Im currently using Document Understand template provide by UiPath and my question is if I need to to any extra configuration in this templating regarding persistence.


There are few cautions which we need to take…if you can open the link provided above and can go through each point then we might get some missing detail. out of which few I have provided above as well which might be missed…


Hi @Camila_Caldas

This is from my personal environment.

I have not done any extra configurations or anything. All I have in this is the DU activities, and in the project, I have enabled two settings:

  • Runs in the background
  • Supports Persisance

This works fine for me… Thisiis a DU project, and Im only using activities related to DU only.

I have the second option enabled but the first one is not. I’m not sure if this is a problem if I’m not running more than one document processing in parallel. Do yo you have any ideas about it?


I don’t think that relates to this. In my case, we have a project build 2 years back (way before Queue Trigger), using Parallel For Each. We recently redesigned it to the latest design using parallel jobs to process each doc. Still, the Queue status remains the same throughout…

Just try enabling the background run option and see if it makes any difference. Don’t see any other option to enable or change other than these… :thinking:

Also agree that is not related with this but I will give it a try!

Let know how it goes… If not, we can connect on a call, and have a look at it together to see what else is missing…

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Hi Camila, did you find a solution?

@Gines_Cirera not yet, We are working in some improvements in our environment before because maybe this can be causing the issue. Our robot is in an old version. We hope to not have this problem after that.

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