System._ComObject cannot be serialized

I got this error after a successful run of an simple automation workflow with webpage. Please let me know if have done that may have caused this error. Thanks.
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Figured out that it was “Delay”, which causes this error. “Delay” has no other attributes to adjust, and it is commonly use to delay action. Appreciate your help. Thanks.

Hi @Bei_Jing ,

What is the workflow about ? Are you using a Ochestration or a Long Running workflow kind of Process ?

If not, Could you Check if the Persistence is enabled on your Project Settings. If enabled, then disable it as you would not require it for a normal process.

Let us know your feedback on the info provided.

Hello @Bei_Jing

It would be better if you share a screenshot of the flow and the activity in which you are getting the error.


That did the trick!

Is “Supports Persistence” setting “Yes” by default? I am not sure if I have turned it on by accident. When should I need to turn this setting to “Yes”?

Thanks for your help!

@Bei_Jing ,

Basically when used the Persistence Package Activities such as the below Activities :

The Concept is to leverage the idea of Human interacting with the Robot for Decision Making during the execution but not as attended to a System.

Check the below Doc for more info :

Thanks again for the explanation.

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