What do we need to get a job in UiPath

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Questions on RE framework

be specific on what questions on reframework

what is dispatcher and performer

Hi! How to activate the modern view?

in the current versions modern view is activated by default

how first run block will process in reframework

Dispatcher is a bot that we create to load some data into the queues/DataTable. This data can be later used by another bot called as Performer . Basically, it is breaking one single big bot (having both functions of loading and performing) into two pieces. One bot loads the data & the other performs over it.

Differentiate classic and modern view

What are the differences between Classic and Modern folders in UiPath Orchestrator?

when the config is empty then First run will be executed

difference between partial and full selector

there are differences in UiPath forum please check in the search

What is role of orchestrator in RE dreamwork?

Hi Vajrang,

When We r doing Automation on web application at that time multiple pages or opened in that i have to close all the applications which is not working on that pages.

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a selector with parent in the selector is a full selector

and some thing alone without the parent container


usage of attended and unattended robot scenarios?

In ReFramework change the QueueItem to DataRow and fix the errors in the flow

Info about Orchestrator logs?