What type of bot needed for dispatcher and performers?

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If we want to create a bot using the REFramework, to uses the performer and dispatcher. And lets say that I want to have 1 dispatcher bot that assign to multiple queue and then there are 3 other performer bot to execute the queue. What type of license that I need to buy for such situation. Do all 4 bot need to be unattended? Or can only dispatcher be unattended and the rest is attended?

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Have a look on this thread.


Hi @Nizri_Daniel, you can work in both ways, means you can have unattended bots for dispatcher/performer and you can also have unattended for dispatcher and attended for performer, but it is better to have all unattended

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Dispatcher is a bot that we create to load some data into the queues/DataTable. This data can be later used by another bot called as Performer. Basically, it is breaking one single big bot (having both functions of loading and performing) into two pieces

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How would unattended work with multiple queue?

Hi @Nizri_Daniel, you have to put the queues name in the Config file and it will get the queues name from there and process them