I want To convert pdf file that contain text and image . How to convert it word file with image


  1. Use Start Process activity and pass PDF file path to open the file.
  2. Then use Take Screenshot activity to take screenshot of the file.
  3. And then use Add picture activity inside Word application scope activity and pass screenshot path.

no it is

@Rakesh123 can you elaborate a little more about your query ?

i want to find and a word from pdf and change the color this word and save it

@Rakesh123 do you want to convert word file to pdf or pdf to word ?

no no i want to search a string from pdf and highlight this string in pdf and save pdf file with highlight it

@Rakesh123 you can achieve it by automating the manual procedure of it

  1. Open the Pdf file in a reader
    2)Press ctrl+F and then enter the word you would like to find
  2. Select the text through shortcut keys such (Shift right or left)
  3. Click the highlight button
  4. send hot key (Ctrl + S)

Hopefully you get the general idea of how your workflow should look
Please don’t forget to mark it solution if this works for you.
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Mazin Zunnoon

can i change pdf finding string color and save it another

@Rakesh123 u might have to use the vb.net functions for that with assign activity

i can not edit pdf or find and replace

@Rakesh Please be a little specific with issue