Pdf to Excel export data

Guys so i am working on a project i have to take invoices and extract them invoice details like qty,description and total prices right but my invoices are not in the same format which is the biggest challenge i have encountered , also i have tried to export data from pdf to excel it worked right now i can not predict on which cell Qty will be at.

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HI Seendi,

please check this post:


I did an t it helped me a lot, i delivered more than expected Thank you, @shanmukh_pothamsetty do you perhaps how i can turn the json files that are processed at the end into excel ?

@shanmukh_pothamsetty the highlighted output i wan to display it in the excel workbook

Can you elaborate abit more

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I would suggest you to either loop through all json elements and save them to Excel one by one or try out some of the conversion activities available on our marketplace:

Maybe this will help someone in the future, i did not have to do those steps from the highlighted screenshot
after data extraction scope i had to export extraction results (output is data table ) then use that to create html