PDF and Excel data extraction to JSON feature demo

Hi Team, we are continuously trying to contact you guys but from past 1 week there is no response from your team. We need PDF and excel data extraction to JASON format feature and we want this demo on our provided data. Please respond if it possible or not.


  1. For excel you can read into datatable and then serialize it as a json string
  2. For pdf…you can read the data…then as per your need if the format is fixed then you can use regex or string manipulation and get the required fielda and then save the data in a json structure…

Both are possible…exce to json is a little straightforward task…but pdf to json needs some manipulations


Thank you for confirming but could you please let us know if someone can demonstrate this feature using our data?

Need a demo in person please?

Hi Anil.

Could you please let us know how to contact UiPath directly to understand more on the pdf and excel data extraction and pricing?


you raise a request for enterprise pricing an d request for demo…time varies depending on their availability

if you want to try can activate enterprise trail whcih runs for 60 days and can explore the platform


Hi Anil,

I did raise multiple requests but didn’t receive any update till now. Anyways I have raised a new request again, will wait and see. If there is any other way to connect, please do let us know.

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Hi @ganga1 ,

I read your posts. I am curious about this. Let me try. Excel data extraction is possible. But the pdf, can you share some sample file (both)


Hi sure, please find the attached sample documents.

9354443 BE.pdf (3.13 MB)

Invoice FBA15G1GGLHZ - FBA15G1GJZ92.xlsx (669 KB)