Pdf to excel Automative activity

I am

working on extracting data from pdf to excel, The following is the Error Can anyone guide me the pdf to excel activity.

Kindly check once with the file path mentioned
Cheers @sainath2172

Ya I given file path in the Pdf to excel activity then the whole content was printing in the excel.the following is the snapshot.@Palaniyappan

it’s Argument exception something is wrong while giving the path check once!

How can i give pdf to excel activity properties


why are you reading pdf in the beginning and again passing the same path in pdf to excel activity ?

That i just was confused ,only in the pdf to excel activity i have given the pdf file path then it was printing whole content in excel directly as shown in the above image .Instead of the whole content I just need some fileds How can i process?@Pradeep_shiv

what are the fields you want to extract??

I was extracting Insurance invoice details example coverage details, nominee,policy details,policy num etc.

@sainath2172 If its a Table you want to Extract from PDF you can Provide Tabular Property as False, So that it only extracts the Table from PDF. For the Rest of the Fields that you want to extract you can use regex or use String manipulation

If I provide false also the whole invoice printing in the Excel.kindly check the snapshot i have attached.


@sainath2172 Can you provide the PDF?

@sainath2172 Yes, It does Identify everything in it as a Table Since it is Structured well :sweat_smile:

Yes,Can you give me solution for data extraction@supermanPunch

@sainath2172 Can you tell or show us, Which is the output Format you need?

example member id,DOB, coverage details, nominee,policy details,policy num etc.@spermanPunch

@sainath2172 This is a bit tricky :sweat_smile:, There is Abby Engine to use as a Final Solution if the normal methods do not help

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@sainath2172 Also Will the Coverage Details be always of the Specified Format? Considering you want to Extract it as a Table