hello everyone,
i want to scrap this table see in image and write this table in excel sheet any one guide me how i can do


you can try with document understanding activities

Try with clipboard AI
Download from here


Try with Document understanding
Refer this video for insights

Hope this helps

Cheers @Madhu_Maurya

Hi @Madhu_Maurya ,

Could check with the below post as well if PDF data is always digital :

Another method (If Digital) would be to analyse and understand the fields present in the Table, Identify if there are optional/Could be empty fields and then with Regex with a Definite Pattern, we should be able to extract the rows from the table

hey can you share video to see how i can manipulate to scrap


you need to convert the output of the get full text to datatable using

generate datatable activity,before pass to it you need to remove all the data which is other than

table data from the output of get full text

@Madhu_Maurya ,

The suggested post does the activity of Extracting the tables in the Background. It does not need UI Interactions. Were you able to try the workflow ? or is your Requirement strict to extract from UI Based operations ?