PDF Report data extraction to Uipath Data Table

Hi every one , I have PDF of “Fitch rating” report and I want to extract some of the data to uipath data table. Please refer the fitch rating pdf attached herewith. I need only to extract three columns of the report. Kindly refer to the attachment named “output.jpg”(example)

The output data table I want to have like output.jpg attachment.

Appreciate your support on this matter and thanks in advance.

Fitch monthly_ Apr 22.pdf (44.1 KB)


You need only 3 columns, so the column you want to extract is constant or dynamic?

Can you list them.

Refer below thread for future reference

Hi @RK_0 ,

Thanks for the support, Kindly see the attachment named “info.jpg” and the expected results of the extraction should be like that.

Also please note that the “Topics” are constant there will be 4 topics in the particular area which I want to extract are as follows;

“Leasing and Finance Companies”
“Fund and Asset Managers”
"Corporates "
“Insurance (National Insurer Financial Strength Rating)”

Further please note that , the extraction details are required up to “Insurance (National Insurer Financial Strength Rating)” point.

Hope you got my point and thanks again.