Extract pdf data to excel


i found difficulties when read and extract this pdf. Do anyone know how to extract and output the result to excel file, mainly for third column and row which don’t have a complete value (any column empty for spesific row).

if the columns full, it was done.

this is sample of pdf, it could be more than 1 page.

Hi @llayla

1.Use Generate Data Table from Text activity
2.You can try using form extractor or document understanding
3.Try if you are able to open the pdf using word activities if so the table can be extracted from word instead

I hope it helps!!


For these kind of scenarios where column might have data or not…it would be good to read the data using. Read pdf text activity with preserve format check box option checked…

Then we can count the number of characters when you have data and when data is missing and can use generate datatable activity or other methods to find

Check below explaination