Extract only data from Table format

Hi there,
I have to extract data which are only in a tabular format a PDF document.
and place the extracted data in a excel sheet with the same tabular format as it appears in the pdf.

Can someone help me with this. How do I identify data which are only in tabular format.

Thank you very much.

@vini93 Check this :

Is it compatible in version 2020.2.0? @supermanPunch

@vini93 It Should Be. You can try :sweat_smile:

I have installed the dependency but unable to download Feat System -PDF to Excel

@vini93 Why is that ? What error do you get?

I cant find any download button.

@vini93 Go to Manage Packages in Studio → Select All Dependencies → In the Search Bar Type “pdftoExcel” , Select the First Option, Install and Save.

Oh only available for 3 pages? @supermanPunch

@vini93 Yes :sweat_smile:

@vini93 Try using this Activity and Check if you can get the right Output for 1 page, If you do get Output, Try to Split the Pdf into 1 page Each, then You can use this Activity for Each Pdf