Pdf image issue

I have to read some data from a specific page of PDF and extract the image text as mentioned in PDF and print the results in an excel file.

But I am not be able to scrap the image using any activity.

I want result as in excel like-


Anyone in the forum who can resolve my issue?

did you tried UiPath.PDF.Activities… ? There is aPDF reader activity which is going to read entire data into a single string.
again… please see how big your PDF size and pages to grab the data.

Please use Packages to load PDF Activities.
Hope my inputs are useful

Two ways:
1. Using GUI (use relative ocr scraping )
2. Read PDF with OCR
If still unable retrieve the value then please attach the PDF.

Hi @Saurabh_Sahu,

I have developed a custom activity to extract the images from PDF. you may try this.