PDF Extraction---- help

Hi peoples,
I have one assignment on which i have to extract the data from Pdf file, and that Pdf file is not opening in browser, it is saying :

So, i downloaded the ADOBE reader but still when i am reading the PDF file from uipah, it is giving the same output though the file opened on adobe but the output is same as SS

Can anyone help me into this please .
Thank you in advance.

@Anjali_Rani Instaed of opening the pdf you can read pdf data into a string directly using read pdf text activity or read pdf with ocr
It will give the PDF datas in a string

If you need any help please provide the sample pdf here i can develop a workflow for you


Hi sreejith, thanks for response, but both of the solutions not working

Please help

Hi @Anjali_Rani

Further to @sreejith.ss’s post, can you open “Manage Packages” and install “UiPath.PDF.Activities”

You can then use the “Read PDF Text” activity.

Then you can use Regex/String Manipulation to get the required text.


Hopefully this helps