Get image from the pdf


Hi, please help in doing this below task.

I have a pdf file with images on it with corresponding number. each number has some text value in the same pdf file.

I need to get the text value when i hover the image or i need the image with corresponding text value in separate file like excel…

Thanks for doing this,


In order to get or extract images from PDF document, I would suggest you use SysTools Free PDF Toolbox utility because it can extract any type of images from PDF document.
This tool provides two options -

1- Extract text from PDF
2- Extract images from PDF

With “Extract text from PDF” feature the image number containing some text can be extracted & with “Extract images from PDF” option, all the images present in your PDF file can be extracted.

Apart from this, you are also allowed to save the resultant image in any of the formats. Moreover, this utility also provides the option to select the page on which operation has to be performed. Once, you have completed the process of data extraction you can save the content in an Excel file.


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