Get image from the pdf

Hi, please help in doing this below task.

I have a pdf file with images on it with corresponding number. each number has some text value in the same pdf file.

I need to get the text value when i hover the image or i need the image with corresponding text value in separate file like excel…

Thanks for doing this,

Hi @yeskavi ,

This activity helps you.


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Hi @balupad14
I installed the activity but its just separating images from PDF.But how can i read if there is text in the image
Actually my requirement is to read text from scanned PDF .It contains tabular text also.Any help ?

Hi! Thanks for the activity. But when I try to download BalaReva.PDF.Activities, I face 2 difficulties:

  1. Version 2019.1.0 doesn’t install successfully.
  2. Version 2.0.1 installs successfully, extracts the image in PDF & save to the jpeg file. But the file doesn’t open saying “Format not supported” or “not in correct format”. Please help. I need to extract image from pdf
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Hi @Hassan_Ali,

Can you please attach the pdf file. If it is confidential send it by message.


Yet I am not allowed to attach files here by Forum, as I first time uploaded the issue. But the activity you provided, although converted the pdf file text into a png image, but when I opened the image, it stated “Format not supported”. I’m using Win 10