Pdf File name match and merge

I have a folder (Named Pay) that contains some pdf files the names of the files are
{A001_Pay.pdf, A002_Pay.pdf, A003_Pay.pdf……}

I have another folder (Named Sal) that contains some more pdf files the names of the files are
{A001_Sal.pdf, A002_Sal.pdf, A003_Sal.pdf……}

I have to match the file name Like A001_Pay.pdf with A001_Sal.pdf…if found then merge those files
Matching file names apart from "Pay " and “Sal”.

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Hi @Abhishek14

You can use two assign activities to first read the files available in the two folders into two arrays

PayFolderArray = Directory.GetFiles("<< PayFolderPath>>")

  • Now, use a for each activity to loop through the items one array.
  • Inside that loop, place another loop to loop through the items of the other array.
    • here, both loops will have the item variable. make sure to rename them into two different names else it will face errors.
  • Now, inside the second loop, place two assign variables to get the file names of the item variables of both loops

PayFile = Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(item.ToString)
SalFile = Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(item1.ToString)

  • now use an IF condition to check whethether the file names match. Here, we need to split both file names from the “_” character to get the matching part of the name

IF PayFile.Split("_"c)(0).ToString.Equals(SalFile.Split("_"c)(0).ToString)

  • now, if matched, you can place the pdf file merge activity that comes under uipath PDF activities to merge the files

Thanks very much for the solution but I have problem in merge activity…
but then I tried join pdf activity it worked…

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