Merging PDF documents from a folder based on file name

Hi guys!

Here’s what I am trying to do at the moment:

I have a list of PDFs in a folder. I have a CSV with all the file names (the file names are only in number form at this time as per the screenshot below).

I am needing to merge the files with the PDF merge activity which I have obtained.

The PDFs need to be merged if they share the same filename eg: 14, 14 1, 14 2 and 14 3 all contain 14 so they need to be merged.

I can’t quite get my head around to do this.

I’ve put all the files into an array so far.

But now am unsure of how to ensure the Merge PDF only merges the files that share the file name.

I’d appreciate any feedback on how to do this!

Hey @Sheri

did you get any solution for this ?

I would also like to know how to do this.