I’m reading multiple PDF’s and extracting the data to excel. I am using Regex for that. After using Build data and add data row. The result in excel is this
Screenshot (56)
Getting the header multiple times

Could you show me your workflow? I think you are keeping “Write Range” inside the forloop. Keep it outside of the loop.

Hi @abivanth.r

Use Build Data Table at start of the workflow. and Write Range Workbook after the For each loop i.e outside of For Each loop. This will help you avoid multiple times header creation.

Hope you understand!!

I couldn’t able to find For each row in data table activity

Can you share me your xaml file>???

Hi @abivanth.r

I think the below flow will help you solve your issue.


printed a single invoice id.xaml (19.5 KB)

I saw your workflow, kindly keep the “Build Data table” outside the forloop…

This is helpful. can you please take a look at my .xaml file and help me up

Thanks a lot!!!
Worked :partying_face:

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