Multiple PDFs Data Extraction using Regex / Write range Activity overwrites

Hi Guys

I working on the following file Main v1.xaml (18.1 KB) extracting data from multiple pdf files, which works file but at the end the Write Range Activity overwrites the excel file and end up with only the last record.

PDF data files working with (176.2 KB) , any help would be appreciated.

@prasath17 please assist.

hi @Khehla_Malakoane - Thanks for reaching out to me.

Just made couple of Modifications like For Each - Use for looping for each pdfs in the folders and adjusted other activities accordingly. Here is the xaml

Main v1.xaml (19.1 KB)


Invoice.xlsx (8.4 KB) .

Could you please , Mark my reply as “Solution” in your original post. Thanks.


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