PDF Data Extraction Issue 2

Can you please explain what could be the reason for data extraction issue in the above sequence.

What is the error you are getting?

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We need the pdf file to be opened and kept in foreground of the screen for that anchor base activity to work
For that before anchor base activity use a Start process activity and mention the file path of pdf as input to property Filename
Cheers @badruddin

Thanks for your reply, I have started the process and accessed the file as below

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Hi Vishal,

I am not getting any error thats the problem, everything is running smoothly, whatever errors i got i removed that…

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HI @badruddin

Are you accessing the files from a folder?

yes, from a folder

So is it working fine

No. i am not getting the desired result that means, When i am running bot scraping is not done properly and data is not exported to Excel from pdf

will those text appears immediately when the file is opened or we need to scroll up or down to see that text after opening the file
Cheers @badruddin

you mean pdf i think, PDF when i opened the values which i am exporting from pdf are at the top so it always appears at the top of pdf,

Fine then we need to check with the selector
We can try with Screen scrapping method instead of Get Text
Cheers @badruddin

you mean OCR ?

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Hi Palaniyappan,

While using the OCR for PDF data extractions I am facing the below error?


Please help


Hi @badruddin

If you are trying to get the specific text from the PDF between two fixed keywords
(Purchase Order No. and Next)
Example:- Purchase Order No. 15 Next

Use below Steps to get the specific text from PDF

  1. Read the text from PDF with a “Read PDF” text activity and store it with a variable such as “StrTest”.

  2. strTest.Substring(strTest.IndexOf(“Purchase Order No.”)+18,strTest.IndexOf(“Next”)-strTest.IndexOf(“Purchase Order No.”)-18)