Pausing a Front Office Robot

Hi guys,

@Florent_Salendres and I were discussing whether a Front Office Robot could potentially be paused whilst in the middle of a job. The purpose of this would be to allow an agent to temporarily do something else whilst the robot is half way through it’s duties.

Do you think this would be useful? If so, how could it be implemented? Would it be done at the presentation level (e.g. in the process design) or by using a call to the service? We believe that the option for pausing the service is not currently enabled.




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Hi @badita,

Is this feature available in 2017.1 release of orchestrator? Otherwise, any insight into when this may be available?

Example scenario : Start a Job to insert an item into a database table and pause till the user provides some input that will update the row inserted and then the job must resume to carry on with the rest of the activities.

I believe you can pause your robots now :slight_smile:

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Interesting - how is this done?

It is done from the Robot Tray Agent, there is a pause/resume button after you run the process.

Additionally, I think some processes can be configured to not allow that (from the Settings in the Project panel).