Path : Regex split on delimiter : 1 path to multiple column

Please feel free to point me to a answer, I could not find one.

I have 2 very loaded excel file, and i need to :

  1. take the path from a column in excel doc 1
  2. Split on delimiter backslash
  3. Pass the splited element into new collum on the same row in excel doc 2

I feel it quite simple but i cannot find a way to do it.

path example : \Workspace\Corporate Services\IT\A Administration\A01 Associations and Organizations

I use the excel function text to column but it only work inside the same document, cannot use to export to another sheet even.

the expected result is not clear
are you looking for each split in a seperate column?

Maybe you can share sample input and sample output with us. Thanks

This is excel doc 1

2021-08-20 15_35_54-Deployement FileTOMRMS-v7 - NL - Excel

and this is then wanted end result excel doc 2

@Nicolas_Lamoureux - Here you go…

This is my workflow overall…

  1. My input file

  1. Build Datatable for writing the subfolder paths…I am calling this as dtout

  1. Add Datarow




If you do not want For Each Loop then you can use the below code …


Hope this helps…

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Much tanxs!

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