Path exists not finding a file which is there


As a post-condition check I am using “Path exists” to confirm the PDF was successfully saved into the folder. I have a log message which shows me the entire path, which I have checked is correct, and the file is there in the folder as I checked that too, both match. However, “Path exists” is unable to find the file, could this be because as a large PDF is being saved it could take a short while to appear in the directory? I have watched it and it appears to flicker once or twice before being properly saved (even after the progress box has disappeared (Wait Element Vanish used there). Or is there another issue?

The variable it is looking for is used elsewhere to open the excel version of the file, so I assume/know the bot can read from the directory.


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when you’re downloading a file, a .part file is created. you could check if the directory contains any .part files and then go for path exists.

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Generally a split time issue because download takes a while. try a wait before/after in your activity, and if it does not give you the error you know the issue. :slight_smile: