Path exist activity is not working

Hi all,I have a path exists activity to check wtr file exists or not,even though path is correct it still goes to false ,I am checking wtr a pdf exist or not.

csn you show the screenshot of the path?

make sure you update the package and check too.

Update package ?you mean manage packages


Check your path type which you are trying to check, whether it is File or Folder.
If you are checking path for any file select as File and if checking for Folder select folder.


Keep Doing Automation…


Check the below points and ensure they are mentioned

  1. If you are try to check whether a FILE exists or not then
    Select the Path Type as File
    And when you are specifying the filepath it has to end with a file extension
    Say for example if it’s a excel file then the file path should end with .xlsx or .xls

This type of error usuallly occurs either we would have chosen wrong path type or we would have not mentioned the path correctly

  1. And similarly if it’s a folder path, your mentioned path should not end with any file extension

  2. Finally check whether you have mentioned the path exactly
    To get the exact path of a file or folder, shift+right click that file or folder and select copy as path
    Then paste that path in this activity
    It won’t error out then

Hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @PriyankaIyer

Hello @PriyankaIyer ,

Do you know the complete file name of the pdf which you are checking for ?

If yes, specify the “FilePath\filename.pdf”. This must return the correct boolean value.

Hope this helps. If still there is an issue, please post the screenshot.

Hi,I had missed .pdf extension,thank you for the reply

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Hi,I added .pdf extension, then it was fine

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So do you have any further queries in this topic

If not pls close this topic with right comment marked as solution @PriyankaIyer

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