"Path exists" activity can not be putted in retry scope condition

Not sure if it’s an issue, but “Path exists” activity can not be putted in retry scope condition…

Studio Version:2016.02

OS Version: win7

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Hey @tomy

It should because it also returns boolean output.


Only Activity(Of Boolean) can be placed there. PathExists provides a boolean OutArgument but is not derived from correct type to be able to be placed there.
Changing that would be a breaking change though…

As a workaround you can use IsTrue and IsFalse activities from Microsoft.Activities.extensions package to check any condition there.

Sometimes I’ll just use System.IO.File.Exists(filepath) as a condition to bypass needing an Activity.

True, but for retry scope if you need completion condition you have to put an activity there.

Right. I was meaning you can use that line in the “Is True”, or you can use the Path Exist activity then use the Boolean in the “Is True”. So he has options.