Pasting search results into Excel Column

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So I was successfully able to create a loop that reads a single column from excel and search each cell on the web. I need to add an activity where after each search, it would copy a piece of data and paste it in the same spreadsheet in a different column. I’ve searched few forums but could not find it where I could do this in a loop. I’m very new at this and appreciate all the help. I’ve also attached a test code that mimics the original one. Thank you for all the help :slight_smile: Main.xaml (13.2 KB)

You can use a Write Cell activity in a For Each loop, and use the index that comes from that For Each loop.

The cell you write to would be the row number + 1 + RowIx, if RowIx is the index of the For Each loop.

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So do I have to do this for each row? I’m not understanding properly I think. Thank you for your help, you have been very helpful throughout

You will only have to write the code once, but the loop will iterate over every row.