Copy-paste cell (for each) into website textbox

Hi! I’m a newbie that needs help

I want to copy/paste cell by cell of an Excel into a textbox on a website.
You can access the textbox doing this: > “Agenda Sanitaria REFES y REFEPS” > Click on REFEPS tab and there’s only one textbox.

Can anyone help me? Thanks!

Hi @mwzb,

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Use excel application scope and read excel through read range activity.

This will give you excel data in for of a DataTable. Now use for each loop for data table and use Get Row Item give the index or column name to get the value or you can simply type row(“ColumnName”).ToString to get value.

Store this value in a variable, Use Open Browser activity to open the browser then use Type Into activity and hit enter to search or click search button.

Hope this helps,if it works mark it as solution.


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Hi @1996

This really helped me, I’m having a problem with the data type in Get Row item. It says “value of type ‘’ cannot be converted to ‘’”. I saved the excel range into a DataTable variable and that is what I’m giving to the Get Row item. Do you know how to solve this?

Thank you

Can you paste your Xaml here?

This file is invalid. You got to paste your XAML file.

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Main.xaml (22.4 KB)

Thank you! I see one mistake where, you need to Pass the Row instead of DataTable in the Row section. (Please find screenshot below).

Also, you can do this in 2 ways… Either you can pass the row (index) or row(column name). either ways, you can achieve your result. I have modified your Xaml and attached the 2 options here. hope it helps. Let me know if you are looking out for this.
MwzbTest.xaml (26.1 KB)
MwzbSample.xlsx (9.5 KB)



Happy automation… Cheers :v:

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Thank you @Pradeep.Robot, now it’s working!

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Good to know! Happy Automation…

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