How to copy data from excel sheet and paste in the other application



I am copying a column in the excel sheet and opening other application and trying to paste the copied column,I could not able to do that ,any help appreciated.

Thank you


Hi Kishore,

I have a few questions:

  1. What activity are you using to copy the excel column?
  2. What activity are you using to paste?
  3. What is the application in which you need to paste the copied column?
  4. Can you share your .xaml and Excel file?



I am using Hot keys to copy and trying to paste in desktop application



Hi Nanda,

What desktop application? Also, please share your workflow file(s) and Excel file if possible (you may obscure any sensitive data).


It is a basic sequence where we copy data from opened spreadsheet and then paste in the desktop application(Similar to notepad)

Note:That sequence is in my total flow i cannot send it only that part .



Hi Kishore,

That’s ok - you can send the entire workflow.

Are you getting an error message when you try to copy and paste, or does nothing get pasted and the workflow continues running?


I have my office data where i cannot share it ,Thank you though Its working fine now using the get from clipbord

Thank you