Copy /Paste Operation , want to paste a copied value (ctrl+mouse right click,then selecting from poped up menu)

Copy /Paste Operation:
I am using Ctrl + Mouse Right Click to get menu option for Copying cell or row, next step that I want to achieve , is to contain this copied value into a variable/assign assert for further use.
If I will open a notepad and do a control+ v, I can see values pasted manually.
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For sending Ctrl + click use SendHotKey. Activity. Indicate it on screen on excel. Or you can us read cell activity to get the pariculer value.

For storing it in to a variable you can give the read cell activity output.

For your reference please follow the below steps:-

1.Use excel application scope to open the Excel
2.Use read range activity to get the output from the Excel and get the output variable as out_dt
3.Use a for each row loop with input out_dt
Inside for each row loop use a read cell activity like this
With input of sheetname and range like
And get the output as out_value
4.This would give you the first column cell value from each row one by one.
5.Then use type into activity with input out_value that would type into notepad as you expect


I dont want to use excel operation for this .

I got the solution as ‘Get From Clipboard’ activity.
after performing copy operations from ‘Type Into’ or ‘SendHotkeys’ activity.
add, ‘Get From Clipboard’ activity , in properties panel , create a string variable under ‘Result’
Now this 'Result variable is good to be used as variable for any operation like pasting, verifying text etc.

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