Paste Excel Data from one while to column B in another file

Hi all,

I would like to paste data from one excel file to another. Two conditions have to be fulfilled.

  1. Data already existing should not be overwritten. Therfore I will use the “Append Range” activity
  2. The Data pasted into the excel file should not be filled in column A-C, instead to B-D. Means it should start in column B. I do not know how to solve this.
    Completely new to UiPath

Hello Leon.

For this case you can first read the target excel file (where you are going to paste the copied values) then find the row count(dt.rows.count) into a count variable, then for paste the values using write range activity by mentioning the cells like(“B”(count+2).ToString).

Hope you got my logic.

Hi @lo86

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can you share the sample data so that it was more clear to help you