Paste data from Excel to PDF


I am trying to paste data from an excel sheet to a PDF file which also has data. Is there any way i can find an empty space in PDF and then paste the data there?

@Ankita_Biswas Is the PDF a PDF Form ?

as supermanPunch said, is the PDF a PDF extension? because if Yes I think you can’t do it because a pdf file can’t be changed.
but why not try to convert that PDF to excel and then add all that you want from the excel file you mention, after you finish try to convert the excel to PDF and you done

As far as I know, you cannot do this. In a PDF document, you cannot edit or change anything in such kind of documents. Actually, this is the idea of such kinds of docs not to be able to make any changes. If you need to make some changes in the document you can always use this converter. It’ll help you do make all changes that you need in a word document online after that save it and this is. Please let me know whether you liked how it is working or not.


R U able to edit the PDF manually and also able to paste data on empty space?