Paste data from Excel to PDF


I am trying to paste data from an excel sheet to a PDF file which also has data. Is there any way i can find an empty space in PDF and then paste the data there?

@Ankita_Biswas Is the PDF a PDF Form ?

as supermanPunch said, is the PDF a PDF extension? because if Yes I think you can’t do it because a pdf file can’t be changed.
but why not try to convert that PDF to excel and then add all that you want from the excel file you mention, after you finish try to convert the excel to PDF and you done


R U able to edit the PDF manually and also able to paste data on empty space?

I am trying to do the same thing. Copy data from an Excel file and “Type Into” a PDF form.
I can do this manually, but when I set his up in Studio X, it is only getting 50% on the validation, so sometimes it ends up in the wrong form field and sometimes it does not paste anything. It also takes 30 for each “Type Into” to complete.

Studio X Steps:
“Use Excel”

  • activity “For Each Row”
    • “Use Application” selected PDF
    • Set PDF zoom to fit page on screen
      • activity “Type Into” - selected PDF From field, with field label as the anchor; “Type This” is the Excel column

Hi ,
Take a look at this one.


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Export Excel as PDF for Windows
In your workbook, head to File > Save As, or File > Save a copy.
Click “Browse”.
In the “Save as type” dropdown, select “PDF”.
Press “Options…”.
Click “Ok” to close the “Options…” window.
Click “Save” to save the new PDF version.