Passing variables through Parameters/Body in HTTP activity through JSON

Hello everyone,

I need to post the information from web application from A to another application B through JSON using HTTP activity. I was unable to pass the variables through parameters or body in JSON. PFB screenshot for reference. First screenshot is through body and second one is through Parameters on property pane.


Also please let me know which is the best way to pass the variables in JSON through Parameters or Body? Please also help me with correct syntax of variables to be passed in JSON.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @srinucslt

Could you check this example? I really hope it helps a bit:


Does anyone figured out how to pass a string variable in the Body in Post Http request ?

Hey there,

the solution you posted is just key value pairs. We are actually asking how to pass variables in body in Post Http request

@singh.bikram0111 I have solution for this. I forgot to update this here. Its quite easy.
Go to parameters field in property pane of HTTP request activity


In Parameters you can directly invoke variables without any double quotes.

Hope this one answered your question


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