Can you use variables for parameters in the HTTP request POST?

I want to simulate a FORM submission by send a raw HTTP POST request to a webpage. The problem is that I have to use dynamic values in parameters but in the arguments window I can set only hardcoded ones. Is it possible to somehow pass variables in the POST arguments?

Do you mean this? or are you using any other method?

Yes. I am also suffering from the same problem

Guys how did you solved this issue, can you please update here. Iā€™m having a tough time to resolve this issue.

My original thread is -How to send body using POST method of HTTP Request activity

Guys I have solved this issue. Please find aPOST HTTP Request.xaml (31.1 KB)
ttached the test sample of HTTP Request activity using POST

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can you please attach a screen shot of how did you solve that problem.

Thank You