Passing Variable within Terminal Connection Window

Is it possible to pass a variable within the Terminal Connection window as I want to connect to different sessions based on a condition


hi @satchitshekar,
create a connection for one condition. and check the “ConnectionString” Property of terminal session.

that will have all these parameters inside. you can pass the variables based on the conditions.


Hi @ddrdushy1,

Getting the below error, when a variable is passed within the connection string -


may i know how you passed the variable?

“{‘AttachExisting’:false,‘ConnectionType’:2,‘EhllBasicMode’:false,‘EhllDll’:‘C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Client Access\Emulator\pcshll32.dll’,‘EhllEnhanced’:true,‘EhllFunction’:‘hllapi’,‘EhllSession’:'”+ Session +“',‘Host’:null,‘Mode’:1,‘Port’:23,‘Profile’:null,‘ProviderType’:4,‘ShowTerminal’:true,‘TerminalType’:0}”

Session’ is of type string

During runtime are you getting this error?
If you used session variable during the development it will prompt message box like this,

Hi @ddrdushy1,

During runtime I’m not facing any issues. Thanks for your help!

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