Editing using a Variable in Existing Profile of Terminal Session

Hi Team,terminal_error

Need an emergency help regarding one issue. I am unable to edit Terminal session Existing profile row. (as attacehd). It is able to select Terminal profile. But our Business requiremen is to use an variable in that for putting few conditions.

Please help urgently!! Thanks ton in advance!!


So you would like to enter a value to that field and that value is passed through a variable
Is it so
Kindly correct me if I m wrong
Cheers @Balamareeswaran_Muru

Yes, you are correct Palani, I need to pass a variable/vlaue to that field.

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I think it’s while we configure terminal settings

Cheers @Balamareeswaran_Muru

Palani, I am not sure how I need to approach, if I click configure Connectiion, I am unable to select activity from Activities panel like type into, etc…

Also, one doubt, if I type an variable in the connection string of properties, will it nbe the same as the variable in the existing profile connecting field?

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Sorry I misunderstood your query
I think it’s a connection wizard that helps us to connect to the terminal session
In that case we can pass connection string that we want as required with the property connection string

If I m right I have seen this sort of post already
This might help you

Cheers @Balamareeswaran_Muru

Hey Palani, your first understanding was correct for my first post.

What I asked in my second post was passing an variable in the conection string is that equal to the selecting existing profile in the configure connection wizard???